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The premier learning platform for accelerating revenue growth

Procedural, execution-focused learning for sales and marketing teams
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Why do private equity firms choose Knowledge Services?

Most portfolio companies struggle with capability gaps in sales and marketing, leading to missed growth targets and lower valuations. But until now, operating partners have lacked an efficient, scalable way to improve commercial capabilities across their portfolios. That’s why SBI created Knowledge Services.

Increase Value of Portfolio Companies

Move portfolio companies from a 52% likelihood to a 95% likelihood of meeting revenue growth targets.

Optimize ROI of All Revenue Growth Investments

Most companies seek consulting at some point in their growth journey. Increasing the baseline capability of a portco reduces the time/cost of consulting by 20-30%.

Upskill Portfolio Companies at Scale

By providing a consistent learning framework across your portfolio, enjoy economies of scale and time savings.

What is Knowledge Services?

On-demand learning modules show teams exactly how to execute critical go-to-market processes, step by step — practices that have been proven and honed over hundreds of successful revenue growth projects. By learning and executing these key processes, portfolio companies significantly increase the probability of making their number.
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Account Segmentation

Make data driven business decisions with a bottoms-up account segmentation model that prioritizes a company’s accounts (customers, prospects, and opportunities) based on their propensity-to-buy and potential spend.

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Annual Revenue Planning

Build a revenue plan and select the strategic “bets” that ensure success. Understand what best-in-class execution looks like including executive meeting cadence and KPI tracking.

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Coverage & Organizational Design

Evaluate your market coverage and create an optimal organization design that enables you to serve the needs of your customers while optimizing customer acquisition cost (CAC) and CLTV.

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Quota Setting

Set simple and data-driven quotas using the account segmentation model. Communicate quotas using best in class messaging and tools to the field. Ensure field buy-in by providing a path to obtain quotas.

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Territory Design

Set clearly defined sales team territories using the account segmentation model. Determine equitable and meaningful territories using territory potential spend vs. historical spend.

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Compensation Design

Develop ideal compensation plans by assessing and modeling current state plans and administer a new field compensation plan using industry best practices.

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Buyer Segmentation

Define critical buyer behaviors and pain points, triggers, customer journeys, and decision-making power across a limited set of customer personas. Guidance on roll out and application through the organization.

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Responding to COVID-19

Tactical and strategic responses to the COVID-19 outbreak, including sales and marketing triage plans, adjusting forecasts and quotas, and key thought leadership on long-term business impact.

Match your learning format to your needs

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What's different about Knowledge Services?

Unlike high-level best practices or research, Knowledge Services is designed to drive results quickly with procedural guidance and actionable tools.

SBI’s specialty is revenue growth — these procedures have been proven, battle-tested, and honed over 14 years and hundreds of consulting engagements.

Adaptive learning technology minimizes “seat time” by assessing baseline knowledge, tailoring training to the individual, and accelerating proficiency with learn-by-doing experiences.

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